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The Danish Poet (2006, Oscar-winner) Dual Eng-Nor. The Perfect Picture by Bryan F Peterson [2006]DvD. Posts: 648 Joined: May 2008 Reputation: 0 nicoli_k Team-XBMC Forum Moderator 2009-08-12, 07:03 (This post was last modified: 2009-08-12, 07:16 by nicoli_k. ) google "xbmc nightly builds" and get a newer xbox version from there (should be top result). that may not solve everything, but it's a good start. Also, the skin requires a newer-than-9. 04 version of XBMC to run correctly. I know that trailers are working for me. My structure is set up G:\Movies\ the trailer is G:\Movies\4 I don't think you've got to have every movie in a root directory like I do, but make sure the name of the movie and trailer are the exact same except for -trailer. Also make sure that you don't have any spaces in between the movie name and the word trailer or else when you scan for new content it will think it's a new movie. "300 - " will be scanned as a new movie. "" will not be scanned as a new movie. Make sure you Refresh movie information if you've scanned without having the correct names. Additionally, the newer imdb scraper also picks up more trailers than it used to, but sometimes you'll have to have a trailer stored locally to get it to work. Here's another thread showing that changes have been made since the latest t3ch. When posting about a problem please submit a debug log to give you the best chance at getting an answer. It's easy, painless, and helps provide necessary information. Posts: 706 Joined: Jul 2008 nicoli_k Wrote: google "xbmc nightly builds" and get a newer xbox version from there (should be top result). that may not solve everything, but it's a good start. I don't think you've got to have every movie in a root directory like I do, but make sure the name is the same. May I ask what build your running so I can at least compare? kizer Wrote: May I ask what build your running so I can at least compare? I've got r22078 right now, but will be upgrading to at least r22103 tonight since there's some tweaking done to the DVDplayer since my last update. at the moment, that's the latest build with changes for the xbox. r22118 is just incremental. Yeah thanks. I'll give it an update tomarrow since I appear to be a bit behind. Good lord I thought my regular haunt was the newest and well I was wrong. 2009-08-13, 01:16 (This post was last modified: 2009-08-13, 01:20 by kizer. ) Welp added the newest release I could find I believe its 22118 and the trailers still do not play when the button on the skin is pushed. I'm running it on an xbox and the trailers are files. They play from within the more information section. So if anybody wants to take a look at that pastebin file I posted up above and throw me a hand I'd be greatful. I don't hear any audio and there is no indication of video playing. Now these trailers I'm trying to run have been on the Xbox locally and on the NAS. I'm going to try and see if I make any difference streaming them via URL off the net tonight. That is bizarre. I'm running the same build and can play trailers just fine locally. Here's what I did. I set up my folder structure like G:\Movies\12 Rounds and I set the content of 12 Rounds folder to Movies and I have two files in it "12 " and "12 " The button works for me - look. Make sure the name is exactly the same even capitalization, except add "-trailer" to the end. ahh, I notice the name of the file is: 12 check out this discussion. name the trailer "12 " and see if that works. I'm all confused as heck too. I did a few more just for the sake of trying With Equilibrium as one file with Beerfest Everything will play normally, but not when I try the skin button. 2009-08-13, 07:45 (This post was last modified: 2009-08-13, 08:06 by nicoli_k. ) ok, two things. 1. Your skin's folder is "Transparency! 1. 0" instead of the default "Transparency! " 2. You haven't tried to upgrade to a newer build of XBMC. more ideas: I noticed the lines Quote: msg: File not found: 'Volume_1/Videos/Movie/Equilibrium/, 1' Quote: msg: File not found: 'F:\videos\Beerfest\, 1' Make sure that those are the names and location of your trailers. You could try going to Movie information and hittin Refresh to re-scrape the location. Try starting XBMC without scanning for new content at startup. Also try to disable the "recently added" script. In my working setup, I don't have either of those options enabled. It may not be the cause, but it's a difference that I noticed between our set-ups. Thanks I'll give them a try. I only named it Transparency1. 0 so I could keep up with the version, but if that's a cause Hell I'll change it up tomorrow. As for the refreshing of the Database been there, as well I used MIP to make sure that the NFO is up to date. Thanks for your help and I'll give it a looksee again in the morning. Posts: 310 Joined: Jun 2009 sorry to add an irrelevant post to this thread but how do you get trailers in the first place? Do you have to enable a certain script in order to download trailers? im also on xbox and using a nightly build (although an older one at that) You don't need anything extra, the XBMC scraper can pull the trailer off of for you. Sometimes it gets it wrong, so I use youtube and get the trailer. Just name it movie-trailer. extension where "movie" is exactly the name of the movie you want (for example 4 if your movie is). Then refresh information and it'll pull your downloaded trailer. If your SVN build is too old, try updating it to something more recent. I've notice the more recent ones pull more trailers than the older ones do. Check out this for more info. nicoli: i appreicate your reply and for not flaming on me for asking this props again for shining some light into my xbmc world. I don't mind the question in this thread at all. As long as you get your well needed help Its all well and good. I'll keep tinkering with my problem. I have to rebuild my NAS tonight because I'm upgrading the drives to something larger and will recheck some stuff. I'm just hoping its skin related, but nothing makes since since it plays fine on my PC version and your Xbox. @kizer: well having the folder named "Transparency! 1. 0" does mess with my home screen buttons, but it still allows me to play trailers off of the hard drive or from imdb. So that's likely not the main issue. Have you tried to re-download the skin and install it again? Maybe during the quick revisions from 1. 0 to 1. 03 you may have missed something or didn't overwrite everything. You could try to do the patch for 1. 03 again. It'd be less of a pain than trying to rescan the database, that's for sure. I see he's got an xbox friendly version of 1. 03 now. ronie Team-Kodi Member Posts: 14, 664 Joined: Jan 2009 565 kizer Wrote: Ok, I gave the debug log a try. I tried running "12 Rounds" trailer via the skin button first and it failed then I ran the same trailer from within the "Movie information" screen and it played fine. I checked my release and its the newest from the Tech Release site unless somebody is going to tell me that I'm behind. If so please point me in the correct direction. this looks like a bug to me, it doesn't strip the ', 1' from the filename when it tries to open the trailer: 21:05:52 M: 18522112 DEBUG: CFileSMB::Open - opened Volume_1/Videos/Movie/12 Rounds/12, 1, fd=-1 # 21:05:52 M: 18522112 INFO: FileSmb->Open: Unable to open file: 'smbDLINK-54CF81/Volume_1/Videos/Movie/12%20Rounds/' unix_err:'2' nt_err: 'c0000034' error: 'NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND' 21:05:52 M: 18522112 DEBUG: msg: File not found: 'Volume_1/Videos/Movie/12 Rounds/12, 1' 21:05:52 M: 18542592 DEBUG: msg: Failed to open smbDLINK-54CF81/Volume_1/Videos/Movie/12 Rounds/12, 1.