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Last time was during the online powerlifting summit of 2016 and thats the presentation that youre getting. The only other time I did this workshop was for a group of personal trainers and it brought the house down. It ended up in the top 10 most watched presentations of that year. Storks. Official Movie Trailer #2 [HD] 2016. The Online Powerlifting Summit - All About powerlifting.

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Online Weightlifting and Powerlifting Meets, Unbreakable

Search Results for “summit” – GDL. He is hosting a FREE, online powerlifting summit. The idea behind this was simple. Getting all the best powerlifting brains together in one room and one location on the same date was likely going to be impractical – all of these renowned coaches have busy lives and successful businesses to run. CBT Nuggets - Microsoft Exchange 2013 70-342. Programming for Strength and Size - Powerlifting University. Be Ready for Death - Shaikh Khaled Yaseen. Online Powerlifting Summit 2016 - Matt 4 Download.